A Taste of Donegal

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Welcome to A Taste of Donegal, a Farming Simulator 15 map set in Ireland







Developer Notes

Welcome to my latest creation, A Taste of Donegal.

This map is based in my own home county and is completely fictional with the exception of certain aspects of the map that I have tried to recreate in-game.

The map consists of four main yards, all with their own unique uses and needs. I have once again added the calf/pig rearing mod as it brings more to the game. You also have all the necessary businesses around you to help you function to the highest standard, Lumber yard, shop, grain sell point and the local slaughter house.

Each of the businesses are based on real life also. Doherty's Quality Meats, Donegal Tractors LTD, Homeland Centre and the Donegal Creameries.

The map has some lovely vantage points due to the long view distance you can take in the whole map from one area. There is plenty of hills and heights to take advantage of as well as the less inclined areas. There are around 30 fields that make up the area, some average in size with a few bigger ones put into the mix.

In order for you to play this map correctly you will require these mods. Don't forget to extract the file:


Thats all that I have left to say, I hope you enjoy your experience on my map,


Starting Equipment


Required Mods


  • Map Creator: DylanAlcorn
  • Map Objects/Scripts: Giants, NI Modding, SEAN6920S, Sandgroper, Lord Williams, leicestershireFarmer, Marhu, Xentro, Petorious, Webalizer, OxygenDavid, BullitBill83
  • Testing: Eire Agri

Map Review

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Let's Play

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