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Welcome to the natural park Sudharz for Farming Simulator 15







Developer Notes

(Translated from German) After months of hard work I would now like to present you my new "Südharz" map!

Welcome to the natural park "Südharz" and to the green southern Harz Karstlandschaft in the north of Thuringia!

The map stretches from the village exit Nordhausen in the west to the border of Saxony-Anhalt in the east, approx.10x4km area!

And again, I was very diligent, there's a lot of new on my map and a few bugs fixed, changes in v1.2:

  • battle, pork bastard now work
  • Store for straw / hay / mixed ration (arriving at the village entrance Buchholz from Petersdorf)
  • Saw now works on the DS
  • area sawmill renewed
  • Map upgrades (oblique shield after Steigerthal was completely destroyed by a motor vehicle and now repositioned, power line removed from beechwood to BGA site since it was laid underground, part of a pasture between Buchholz-Steigerthal ...)
  • many smaller improvements (potato, turnip at the silo, field boundaries, Colli Leitpfosten, Luftkurortschild, trees in the air, gypsum banners, and much more ...)

Changes in v1.1:

  • cause found on some PCs the game did not start (error message Giants ... no longer works)
  • new silos for potatoes / turnips at Petersdorf (where the potato / beet fields are)
  • new woodchips storage between Herrmannsacker and sawmill (where the dugout was)

Border is now brown instead of red, in the day it is now only easy to see, so disturbs a little less

  • Schafweide corrections (water container between the fence set, gate slightly enlarged so that you can travel better with hay carts, sheep could be run on the roof of the stable before)
  • Cow pasture (cows "freeze" no longer on the feeding trough)
  • (Canola / corn) are now on the fields where they were grown here this year
  • Rodishain more houses
  • small improvements (2x farmhouse replaced, fallen sign, new sign, tree something in air, sound, etc ...)



Starting Equipment



  • Overall card heavily reworked
  • 19,000 precipitable trees, large forest areas with forest paths
  • new cow pasture (behind the Iberg Talsperre)
  • Rindermast (at Herrmannsacker)
  • Schweinemast (in Steigerthal)
  • 81 fields
  • total 6 villages, underneath 1 new village (Steigerthal) and surrounding with new fields
  • Herrmannsacker completely renewed
  • chopped straw
  • Water Misc
  • Liquid manure mod
  • generator mod
  • moving fish / ducks / aircraft
  • 2 sawmills (direct sale in Steigerthal, in Petersdorf one gets boards, which can be sold in the building next to the land trading Petersdorf
  • Transport and parking cars (Often in places you should definitely visit, but of course also in the village)
  • Milk must be sold with a milk hanger / milk transport (from the cow pasture to Rodishain)
  • Vehicles are delivered to the farm
  • all fields are buyable, the prices for it were weighted with several factors, closer read in the Readme, also file with field prices at
  • fewer texture angles, but still so you can align the helper
  • crowded cowshed, cows also run into the cowshed
  • Equipment search in the nests in the chicken coop
  • Vehicles can also be sold at the scrap yard
  • Improved and, above all, more animal sounds
  • more current lines
  • Info tables, partly with original pictures
  • Store for foodstuffs (potatoes / beets)
  • Woodchipper
  • accessible gates
  • Store for grass / straw / mixing
  • And much more ...

Required Mods

Recommended Mods

Fruit Types

barley, potatoes, corn, canola, wheat, sugar beet, oats, rye, sunflowers, clover (planting plant), lucerne (planting plant)


  1. Set the dripping / rotting of the plants "off" at the beginning of the game! Otherwise you will not be able to harvest all the fields in time!
  2. You can reap all fields 1 time, even if they do not belong to you yet. With the money earned you can buy now some fields, to the new order!
  3. Please make sure you also have the current AnimationMapTrigger (otherwise the map can not load)
  4. I can recommend you Patch 1.3, especially when it jerks, the patch fixes the jerks and you have again 50FPS

I thank all modders for the great models which I have installed on my map !!!

And now I wish you a lot of fun with the map! If she likes you I would be very glad about evaluation / recommendation and if you tell it / divide! Also you can make beautiful videos and reset!

So go up to the field! ;)


  • Windrow Textures: modelBauer
  • Forestry objects: bubu6008
  • Field purchase sign: Fendtfan1
  • Slurry / dung / lime Textures: Geneborg
  • Liquid manure-lime-mod: TMT (Marhu, -buckfresser, Hatzfan)
  • Houses (from LS11): TracMax
  • Misty heaps: Fendtfan1
  • HousePack_CebuljCek: CebuljCek
  • JobBoard: blubber73
  • Forgotten Plants: Eribus
  • House v2 (dom2): adam5525
  • Old_house: Creative Modding
  • Building set & half-timbered house: erwgernbauer
  • New fruits (additionalFruitTypes): Jakob Tischler
  • Clover / alfalfa texture: Geneborg
  • Feeding cage (wild animals v2): haselhorst
  • Halle (village entrance Petersdorf): sandbox
  • Foliage Layer: El Cid
  • Butchery: Pandahma
  • MilkTruckTrigger: Marhu
  • Fire brigade: möchtegernbauer
  • Water: Marhu
  • Pig, cattle mast, livestock market: Marhu
  • Fish: KlasuL-FIN
  • Multifruit: UpsideDown
  • Well: Freak36558
  • Doppelsilo Plane, Silo OTT: Old Tractor Team - OTT
  • Packhouses: PDGoldFox
  • Sawmill: Marhu
  • Field Selling Tags: Fendtfan1
  • Woodchipper: Fendtfan1
  • Building / HousePack: Ziberg
  • Ground: power74de
  • Bus stop: vanillaice83
  • Machines: LsPrO / TheCoCe
  • Church (Stempeda): would-be builders

Map Review

Source: Tim Buiter