Sarntal Alps

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Welcome to Sarntal Alps, an Italian map for Farming Simulator 15






Developer Notes


  • Unique mountain world with large radius (4xMap on 2.5x reduced)
  • Singleplayer map for beginners and advanced
  • Focusing on multi-level economic activities (multi use of crop varieties)
  • Money instead of the money



Welcome to the Alps. Experience South Tyrolean landscape with its special agriculture.>

Decide whether you rather follow up forestry, field business for animals, fruit management or the way to corn industry.

Therefore you are provided with start capital which should be invested cleverly in specific machinery.

Have Fun!

Starting Equipment

Tractors Same Fortis 190

The Same is the only piece of equipment you start with. However, you have a decent chunk of change in the bank to buy whatever you need for whatever activity you want to engage in.



Sarntal Alps map

Integrated Mod

  • Cattle fattening 5.0 (Marhu)
  • Goose Mast 1.0 (Farmer_Andy)
  • BGA (Manuel_MWT)
  • Sawmill 2 Rivers (Festus)
  • Mixing station (Marhu)
  • Fruitfarm by Kastor
  • Apple mod (mor2000)
  • Processing_Sales (Rosenthaler_ROS)
  • Vegetable growing (Rosenthaler_ROS)
  • Fertilizer & seed production (Rosenthaler_ROS)
  • Lettuce Trigger (Rosenthaler_ROS)
  • Compost Master (Farmer_Andy
  • Milkmax (Farmer_Andy)
  • Additional fruit: clover (alfalfa) + textures (Geneborg)
  • Multifruit
  • Slurry manure Mod
  • UPK
  • AnimationMapTrigger
  • complexBGA
  • compostSoil
  • multiMowing
  • Trigger Extended

Required Mods


  • Mapdesign und Mod Integration: Seba_S_Tian Best. Sounds, textures, buildings, arrangement of buildings with functions remain intellectual property and may not be used otherwise. Only for private use.
  • Objects: HofSilo with ventilation house: Devin Old house / meadow fence: m4pj3cts small garage: wild fox
  • Dirt function - Igor29381 / Marhu
  • Stationary Hacker Update 2.1 - LKX Studios
  • Ancient hangar - Luc68100
  • Wind- Player11
  • Barn with hay function Slowtide63
  • Compost Filling Plant - Farmer_Andy
  • Cow Silo - Old tractor team
  • Alpine buildings - South Tyrolean farmers
  • Floor textures - Melfoy
  • Slurry tank & unloading station - qualitymods team

Map Review

Source: les fermiers du dimanche (FR)

Forestry on Sarntal Alps

Source: Der Transportgigant

Let's Play

Source: Karvon (DE)